Two kinds of designers: Those that merely make and those that DESIGN.

I have been on a little technology commercial kick here lately and came across a vintage Apple commercial starting a young Kevin Costner. The narrator tells that us that: The way some business people spend their time has very little to do with the clock. At Apple we understand that “business as usual” isn’t any more.

Back in 1983 the Apple computers were very much so on the cusp of the technology explosion but also perhaps in the height of the field of instructional design and training development.  What would our field be today if it had been fully developed alongside technology rather than sound best practices, principles, theories, and models being largely developed pre-technology? I would suspect that our field would look much different today and not in a good way. Technology has truly shaped how I design instruction but I hope that my foundational methodology of Human Performance Technology is still influencing my designs within the technology medium and not vise-versa.

The narrator goes on to tell us that: That’s why we make the most advanced personal computers in the world. And why soon there will be just two kinds of people. Those who use computers. And those that use Apples. For us, perhaps we could say… There are two kinds of designers. Those that try to make some instruction with technology. And those that DESIGN instruction based on best practices, principles, theories, and models.

Hope this commercial from 1983 inspires you to DESIGN today…


About DaveHallmon

With experience in web, graphic, and instructional design, Dave maintains a balance between what is efficient and effective in every message. He always focuses on the why and how rather than "just doing it" to get the job done. By day he works at a leading university designing online courses that support 9,000 students in 64 countries. He works directly with faculty to brainstorm, design, and develop their online instruction utilizing the Adobe suite. He also teaches for the university as an adjunct faculty member in the area of web design. By night he is a devoted husband, father, freelancer, and adventurer of the outdoors. His other interests include LifeHacker, Science Fiction and Hayao Miyazaki movies, Settlers of Catan, and coffee with friends. He currently lives in St. Louis and has an M.S. in Instructional Design and aspires to pursue a professional degree in content marketing and strategy. Visit the links below for more information about his interests and design work.
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