What makes a MOOC a MOOC?

A while back I blogged about To MOOC Or Not To MOOC? That is the question for the learner… but what about What makes a MOOC a MOOC? Here is a great graphic that I came across from Mathieu Plourde (see MOOC: Every letter is negotiable). It is important to note that a MOOC isn’t everything but, his graphic does showcase some options within every aspect of the acronym that are negotiable:



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With experience in web, graphic, and instructional design, Dave maintains a balance between what is efficient and effective in every message. He always focuses on the why and how rather than "just doing it" to get the job done. By day he works at a leading university designing online courses that support 9,000 students in 64 countries. He works directly with faculty to brainstorm, design, and develop their online instruction utilizing the Adobe suite. He also teaches for the university as an adjunct faculty member in the area of web design. By night he is a devoted husband, father, freelancer, and adventurer of the outdoors. His other interests include LifeHacker, Science Fiction and Hayao Miyazaki movies, Settlers of Catan, and coffee with friends. He currently lives in St. Louis and has an M.S. in Instructional Design and aspires to pursue a professional degree in content marketing and strategy. Visit the links below for more information about his interests and design work.
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5 Responses to What makes a MOOC a MOOC?

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  2. MOOC has no sense at all.

    It is just a new trend of online courses first started by elite universities .
    Since it is free everybody clicked the button, people non smarts said it is massive .
    Open means it can be taken by anybody even by a primary school child .
    ONLINE is yes online like any online but from elite universities that is the biggest difference
    No degrees , that is biggest deficiency . Therefore MOOCs are worthless as long as they stay without degrees .
    My only hope is edx set up by MIT and Harvard will start providing degrees soon .
    Then it is the biggest solution to HE in the World .
    Everybody will have best education in the World at a small fee of may be $ 100-200 .

    • DaveHallmon says:

      Hi Muvaffak,

      Yes it is a new trend, but I beleive it is hear to say. We cannot compare MOOCs with traditional HigherEd or k-12. MOOCs don’t necessarily draw the demographics that they were originally thought to. But does that mean that they are not going to be successful? MOOCs don’t have the completion rates of other educational methods, but does that mean that they are not successful?

      The more important question is, What is a MOOC? It is an acronym, but conceptually it means many different things to the culture.

      If we still say that the method of eLearning is still evolving, then I would say then that MOOCs are the “dark matter” of that field. We know that they are there but we don’t truly know what we can do with them yet.

      Thanks for commenting. Continue to check out my blog where I discuss how multifaceted MOOCs are. I hope we can discuss more soon.

      • Dave
        EDX , rather MIT started first online course in 2011 december.
        Coursera started MOOCs as they said to make Money in April 2012
        In May 2012 Harvard approached MIT to have partnership.
        Coursera is a marketing genious .
        They made MOOC acronym famous within 3-4 months with the help of New York Times .

        I believe the final aim of EDX is to replace traditional higher education at a small fee.
        Aim of Coursera is to make Money . ( No harm, they claim also so )
        So my hope goes to EDX as non profit .
        When EDX provides degrees and charges only $ 100-200 per course they can have 1 million enrollments in first year and 5 million in 5 th year .

        But WHO can go to second tier colleges when edx provides first class courses at $ 100-200 and degrees too . That is the problem . Situation is a disrupting one .

  3. DaveHallmon says:

    I couldn’t agree more. We will have to see how it all ends out. I have been researching MOOCs and taking MOOCs for the last five years. I personally don’t feel like MOOCs will replace anything and at minimum complement what is done in the classroom or the marketing of the university. My response earlier was a little sarcastic. I hadn’t had my coffee yet.

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