eLearning Manifesto: Can we break the multifaceted pattern of bad eLearning?

Yesterday I started a blog series about a recent movement in eLearning or perhaps a “manifesto” of sorts by introducing The eLeanring Manifesto Instigators. What an amazing group of professionals in the field of Instructional Design and eLearning that banded together to cause some “disruption” to the current state of eLearning.

The Google Hangout started out with such a great reminder by Michael Allen of Allen Interactions and author of many instructional design books (see Michael W. Allen on Amazon). Our goal as instructional designers who are apart with the eLearning Manifesto. That we can be such a tremendous force to do well in the world with eLearning. Wouldn’t we think of our jobs differently if we thought of what we create in this way? Yes. Michael we do need to turn eLearning back on its path to being so helpful to our organizations, schools, and anywhere we are providing learning via The Internet. Michael then points out that while there has been successes with eLearning in the past, him and the other “instigators” feel that those successes are seldom seen today… thus we have the eLearning Manifesto.

Michael points out that the problem is multifaceted and he wonders if we can we break this regrettable pattern that has such “deep roots?” Will we ever be able to turn it around? While the pattern seen below is bad, the opportunity for learning is so wonderful. He shared that:

  • Buyers don’t know what to request
  • Budgets are too limiting (not mentioned but obviously time and money)
  • Designers are given way too much content
  • New designers see what everyone else is doing and pattern after that

So why the manifesto? As Michael states, it is first a pledge for the instigators themselves to promote better uses of the technology and they hope that others will join them as well. The hope is that through following the manifesto that the designers of eLeanring will produce better learning successes for every learner that gives us their time.

Be sure you check out the video below if you haven’t yet and keep up with me as I continue to blog through this call to action for all instructional designers of eLearning.

In my next post I will highlight two specific points of their manifesto which can be found in full at eLeanringManifesto.org

  • Learning technology offers the possibility for creating uniquely valuable [e]learning experiences
  • elearning experience[s] can optimize use of the learner’s time, individualize the experience for full engagement

I highly suggest checking out their main site, eLeanringManifesto.org reviewing the manifesto and becoming a signatory.


About DaveHallmon

With experience in web, graphic, and instructional design, Dave maintains a balance between what is efficient and effective in every message. He always focuses on the why and how rather than "just doing it" to get the job done. By day he works at a leading university designing online courses that support 9,000 students in 64 countries. He works directly with faculty to brainstorm, design, and develop their online instruction utilizing the Adobe suite. He also teaches for the university as an adjunct faculty member in the area of web design. By night he is a devoted husband, father, freelancer, and adventurer of the outdoors. His other interests include LifeHacker, Science Fiction and Hayao Miyazaki movies, Settlers of Catan, and coffee with friends. He currently lives in St. Louis and has an M.S. in Instructional Design and aspires to pursue a professional degree in content marketing and strategy. Visit the links below for more information about his interests and design work.
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