Is It Possible That Online Students Want To Talk To Each Other?

Students-talkingLast week I shared a snibit from Mat Honan’s article which I also have included below and discussed that our eLearners are social. If you are interested in this topic, check out my tag, Social Presence.

As The Internet has improved over the years we now are able to communicate with each other in many different ways. As we all know, this occurs globally… all around the world. We can experience these events in real time. We are no longer just watching world events like the moon landing of 1971 in the isolation of our homes. We can experience these events with everyone in the planet.

Originally written by Mat Honan on Wired Magazine. May 2014

During the Sochi Olympics, peak tweet volume hit during a live hockey shoot-out that pitted the US against Russia. Both countries were tuning in and cheering through their devices, despite a massive time-zone discrepancy. And this year’s Oscars were the most-watched in 14 years, even wih our DVRs and other entertainment options. Maybe we just wanted to talk.

Consider the following tweet that Mat mentions above that apparently broke Twitter. Here is an embed so that you can see the most up to date retweets and favorites:


Perhaps this is what caused the 2014 Oscars was the most watched in 14 years? I wonder why? What you also may not know is that most of this action occurred within 15 minutes of broadcast, i.e., there were Retweets 1,019,570 & Favorites 289,727. No wonder Twitter crashed. Why is this? Maybe we just wanted to talk with each other?

What does this mean for eLearning? Or perhaps a better question is what is happening here that isn’t happening in our eLearning?

While an instructional event isn’t quite the same as the Oscars, but maybe it is? Students getting together online to learn? Why shouldn’t it be a social event? What can an instructor do so that they can get Retweets 1,019,570 & Favorites 289,727 in 15 minutes?


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