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A Primer for Content Managers 

Have you come across Doug’s post on LinkedIn? What Content Managers Do (and Why They’re So Important) Doug’s point about the behind the scenes effort of a Content Manager doesn’t communicate the severity of the need for content management. … Continue reading

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Designing Discomfort Into “Free” Games…

Airports purportedly design the baggage claim areas to be uncomfortable in order to minimize crowds. What are other examples where designers deliberately create an unhappy user experience? Check out Quora to see what others have been sharing. See, What are … Continue reading

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Using digital stories in elearning

Originally posted on Making a difference:
Digital stories are a quick meaningful way to get a message across. They are stories told using technology that include a combination of images and audio to tell a tale. Digital stories have advantages in that you can…

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Educator as a Design Thinker

Originally posted on User Generated Education:
 Resources for Educator as a Design Thinker Ideo. (n.d.).  Design Thinking for Educators Toolkit – Pfau, P. (2014).  Rethinking Education with Design Thinking – Speicher, S. (2013).  Design Thinking in Schools: An…

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Why Google doesn’t care about college degrees, in 5 quotes

I couldn’t agree more. The purpose of a resume is just to get you in for an interview. Nothing more. Nothing less. It is the only piece of advertising that you get to sell yourself and it is “ocean front … Continue reading

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MOOCs – A Tsunami of Promises

Originally posted on popenici:
The prediction was that MOOCs will completely change the game in higher education. Enthusiasm was general – and groupthink so tempting – that many universities across the world adopted them as a panacea for “21st century learning”…

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Content without design is just stuff!

What an amazing reminder from Joe Pulizzi of Content Marketing Institute that content without strategy is just stuff! Here today I would like to posit that this is the same is the same for instructional design. Content without design is … Continue reading

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