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How can we get our clients to play the “What If” game?

Can we all agree that technology can sometimes be a double-edged sword? Some technology can cause people to lose their job because it is replaced by technology. Although, some technology can make new jobs possible. For example, according to Wikipedia, … Continue reading

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Check Out Stanford Online’s 2013 In Review Report

Be sure to check out “Stanford Online: 2013 in Review.” For a quick summary of the report, check out Campus Technology’s article, Stanford Report Shares Snapshot of Online Learning. The report discusses that since fall 2012 they have delivered four … Continue reading

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How To Dethrone Google, and Who Will Likely Do It (Hint: Not Facebook)

Really enjoyed your post @derekbrown. As Google already is, they must fight to maintain the value that they have built for their market. But what I believe sets them apart from the Yahoos and Microsofts that they have surpassed with … Continue reading

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Why Google doesn’t care about college degrees, in 5 quotes

I couldn’t agree more. The purpose of a resume is just to get you in for an interview. Nothing more. Nothing less. It is the only piece of advertising that you get to sell yourself and it is “ocean front … Continue reading

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Grilled Cheese Sandwiches by Parachute? eLearning by Parachute? How are you bringing your learning to your students?

I don’t know if you have heard about the “float down eatery” in Melbourne which brings you your lunch in the most delightful way? Doesn’t grilled cheese sandwich tethered to a parachute and delivered right you sound ingenious? I wish … Continue reading

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How are you going to “add new value” to your eLearning?

Think for a moment about the tech companies that we know and perhaps love. More importantly the ones that we know. For example, take Microsoft, Google, and Facebook to name some small ones. As I am sure you would agree … Continue reading

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Vote for the Top 100 Tools for Learning 2014

Originally posted by Jane Heart’s Jane’s Pick of the Day: Vote for the Top 100 Tools for Learning 2014. Thank you so much Jane for curating this list every year. Looking forward to it. The 8th annual survey is now open … Continue reading

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